About dr. Peter Velthuis

Peter Velthuis (born 1954) is a dermatologist since 1986. He worked as a general dermatologist up to 2011. In a partnership with his friend Jak Dekker, he started Velthuis Clinic in 1995 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands). At first this clinic was active in the field of cosmetic medicine only, but from 2007 onwards the clinic included other areas of specialized care such as hand surgery (later orthopedic in general), phlebology, dermato-oncology and others. Currently, these services are offered under different brand names: Xpert Clinic and Helder kliniek. The holding company was renamed into Equipe Zorgbedrijven. Under the direction of Velthuis/Dekker the company grew into a chain of clinics comprising more than 15 affiliates.

In 2016 handed over his shares to plastic surgeons drs. Mooijen and Feitz and started working at Erasmus University Medical Center, Department of Dermatology (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). As head of the Section for Cosmetic Dermatology he mentored Dr. Leonie Schelke and dr. Tom Decates to their Ph.D. At this moment the section includes drs. Lizenka Adriaanse, Hajo Bruining, Tom Decates, Jonathan Kadouch, Armanda Onderdijk, Leonie Schelke, Peter Velthuis. The section holds office hours for filler complications and deploys a teaching program for residents in dermatology.

Together Leonie Schelke and Peter Velthuis form CUTANEOUS, a company for education in facial ultrasound imaging. Cutaneous provides courses, and e-learnings. www.cutaneous.org.

Dr. Velthuis holds several degrees: MD, PhD and BSc (Math)

Dr. Velthuis is founder and past-president of the Dutch Society for Cosmetic Dermatology (NVCD) http://www.nvcdermatologie.nl, president of ESCAD http://www.escad.org, president of DALA (Dutch Aesthetic Laser Association) https://www.infodala.nl/.